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Visual Inspection using Miniature Cameras

In addition to our common fiber optic inspection equipment, our full array of cameras allows us to conduct inspections in hard-to-access places and areas that require remote inspection.

Here are two examples: highly specialized equipment such as intrinsic cameras to inspect the insides of conduits enclosing potentially explosive vapours and other products, and an extreme-temperature-resistant camera able to withstand temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Celsius that can provide visually inspections through flames.

Whatever your needs, we have the solution!

  • Inspect inside equipment, pipes, supply lines, boilers (to detect oxidation, calcification and any accumulations that reduce productivity and equipment security)

  • Remotely locate and retrieve unwanted, lost, or forgotten objects during downtimes without cutting or replacing tubes or equipment

  • Control/validate quality of high-pressure or acid cleaning jobs

  • Check welding, joints, valves, blades, vanes, etc.

  • Ensure quality and state of refractories

The safety training of our technicians is a top priority.

Our technicians are able to give you all inspection recordings onsite, saved on a USB drive (or directly onto your computers when possible), or to provide you with a digital or printed report upon request.

 Our services are not destructive. They also reduce consumption and improve productivity, providing a quick return on investment.

We provide equipment to match your needs and, where required, the requisite food safety certifications for food processing plants.

An emergency call often avoids extended losses in production. Do not hesitate to contact us as we can mobilize our staff quickly and at no extra cost.

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