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Inspection Using Thermographic Cameras / Thermography

Tremcour is America’s pioneer in thermography. We use short and long-wave cameras to inspect:

  • Equipment operating temperatures

  • Worn and overheating mechanical equipment (rotatory equipment, power supplies, etc.)

  • Electrical networks (panels, circuit breakers, wiring, coils, etc.)

  • Insulation (residential, industrial and commercial buildings)

  • Joints, cladding and condition of refractories

  • Imperviousness of vats, valves and steam traps

  • Production and stoppage predictions (to avoid coking and blocked pipes)

  • Refractory integrity and validation of thermocouple readings

You can trust us to diagnose the source of your problems, ensure the security of your equipment and follow up with wear assessments, all without stopping production. Our technicians will give you a report upon request, which might even reduce your insurance premiums after the annual inspection of your electric grid.

Gain access to an unparalleled preventive and predictive tool for monitoring the integrity of your equipment and the security of your work environment. 

Be proactive, not reactive, and use our services as your assurance of reliability!


whatever the place to be inspected,

we have the appropriate equipment

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